Chocolate Covered Fruit as Homemade Christmas Gift

cherries and strawberries


  • Dark chocolate
  • Washed and dried cherries and strawberries, preferably with stalks still attached
  • Dried dates and apricots
  • Anything else you want to dip

final product


  • Prepare some trays with some wax paper
  • Place a small glass or metal baking bowl over a small sauce pan with about two inches of water in it. The water shouldn’t touch the bottom of the bowl.
  • Place on a medium heat and turn down a little when the water begins to steam
  • Fill the bowl with broken pieces of chocolate and cover with a small plate
  • Check regularly and when the chocolate begins to melt, start to periodically press the pieces down into the melted chocolate
  • When most of the chocolate has melted begin dipping your fruit
  • Gently shake the fruit and let as much of the excess chocolate fall off
  • Place carefully on the wax paper
  • When the chocolate has hardened carefully remove the fruit into your pre-prepared gift box

The gift box:

  • Take an old gift box, Christmas card box, etc. (should be the kind with a lid) and wrap the bottom and top separately, two different Christmas wrappings make a nice contrast
  • Line the inside of the box with gift wrap or wax paper
  • Save ribbon during the year and iron suitable lengths of it for tying bows on the box(es)

Cleaning up:

  • Don’t through out the wax paper and wash the bowl just yet!
  • Use a steak knife to shave the chocolate off the paper and bowl to make chocolate shavings
  • Use on top of Irish coffees, desserts, hot chocolate, etc.

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